Wireless network not seeing all users

SideNotesIM sends out a heartbeat every 15 seconds or so. The clients use this heartbeat to determine if an active client is still on the network. If 4 heartbeat cycles are missed then a user is assumed to have abruptly gone offline without telling all of the clients. The most common cause of users going offline for no reason is the heartbeat packets are being dropped either by the sending computer, network, or receiving  computer . When you restart your client SideNotesIM attempts to locate other clients. By doing so more data than usual is sent. This will sometimes allow wireless access points and anti-malware software to temporarily allow the data. If the data is being blocked after an amount of time the clients will start dropping again.

Make sure you have exceptions for SideNotesIM in your Anti-Malware software and firewalls. Also, make sure SideNotesIM is using the correct network adapter in network settings. 

If you have tried all of the above options and your wireless SideNotesIM client(s) still will not connect to any other clients, you can download a SideNotesIM VPN Gateway program and use it as a continuous connection to keep the wireless clients tethered to a wired client. You would simply load the VPN Gateway on a computer where SideNotesIM is working properly and then connect all blocked SideNotesIM clients to it.

You can request a link for the VPN Gateway by selecting Customers from the main navigation bar.

Once the Gateway software is running, in the Gateway, choose Help > Show Client Configuration and follow the instructions in that text file to connect clients to the Gateway.