How do I recover my registration code

As long as you have at least one computer registered on your network, you won't need to know your registration code. SideNotesIM has the ability to register all computers from a single registered client and pass the code out to new computers from existing clients. 

From a computer that already has SideNotesIM Registered (the name will appear at the bottom of the SideNotesIM window), complete the following steps to ensure that all SideNotesIM clients are properly registered:

Click on Options then  System Options and select the  Advanced tab. Now click the Remote Registration button. From the Registration window check the box that says "Automatically register clients that have a trial license". Then press Close. 

Click File then Shutdown.
Restart SideNotesIM. This will Register all other computers running SideNotesIM on your network. 

To view whether or not a license exists on a client, choose Help > About. A licensed client will display "Licensed to: XXX (Business name) and Maximum Connections: 100 (or more). An unlicensed client will only allow a maximum of 3 connections.

If you are the original purchaser of a SideNotesIM license and you have no clients that are licensed, we can email the license to you. Send a license request to support (at)